Journey Unauthorized

JOURNEY UNAUTHORIZED is comprised of the best musicians and performers specializing in a complete Journey concert production. JOURNEY UNAUTHORIZED performs the full range of Journey onstage, including the most complex and challenging songs that Journey themselves recorded in the studios and performed for live audiences. No other rendition of Journey’s music comes close to this level of performance which has taken years of experience.

Journey Unauthorized has completed 12 world tours for the troops & received awards from the military for performing under fire in Bagram & Kandahar, Afghanistan.

Experience the group and music that defined a pop culture with their multitude of classic rock-n-roll super hits. If you are looking for entertainment that is totally fresh, unique, and full of energy accept no substitutes: “JOURNEY UNAUTHORIZED” is the most authentic rendition of Journey in the nation.

“Die-hard Journey fans probably thought they were in Steve Perrv’s presence” – Mari Bennet. The Oakland Tribune

“They look and sound like the real deal. Take it from the Breeze….it is a great night of entertainment” -Benny Breeze. American Radio Network