Fleetwood Mask

Fleetwood Mask is the ultimate tribute band recreating the magic of Fleetwood Mac’s best live shows.  Personally endorsed and authorized by Mick Fleetwood saying in all promotion and marketing,  “Fleetwood Mask is the best. They ARE the closest to the real thing! A true talent, a true class act.” – Mick Fleetwood

“I haven’t seen so many people dancing in Pacific Grove at a concert, ever!” – Marc Paulhus President, Foundation of Performing Arts Center Pacific Grove.

“OH MY! We haven’t heard a crowd go that crazy in 4 years of music promotion!” – Tom S. Lafayette Town Hall Theatre

“I can tell you that the town is a buzz this morning about your show. Y’ALL ROCKED IT!” – Dedi R., West Texas Radio

At Fleetwood’s on Front Street