Buckets N Boards

Buckets N Boards: Comedy Percussion Show is a hilarious, high-energy and interactive show that has captivated audiences of all ages worldwide! Gareth Sever and Matt Levingston bring a joyous charm and lightning quick wit to this full stage production.

Their Arts in Ed programs (available for 30, 45 or 60 minutes) they teach the concepts of tap dance, body percussion, beatbox and drumming.  The sessions focus on helping the audience to learn basic skills in each discipline and encouraging them to explore and create on their own, ultimately being able to perform on stage as part of the program.  Study guides are available and the workshop can be done for K-7, 7-12, college student or even adults.

Buckets N Boards was born from Matt and Gareth’s shared passion for comedy, music and rhythm.  Both are college graduates with degrees in theatre comedy and Gareth has been teaching tap and instruments for 20 years as well as being a vocal coach.

With 13 critically acclaimed summer seasons (so far) in Branson, MO, touring Performing Arts Centers nationwide, having headlined with the Kansas City Symphony and currently one of the top requested featured acts on Disney Cruise Lines, Buckets N Boards have firmly established themselves in the live performance world.