3D Rhythm of Life

2-time Grammy Nominees 3D Rhythm Of Life is a fusion of Latin and Afro-Caribbean grooves, blending a variety of genres including salsa, Latin jazz, reggae, and r&b.  This multicultural and bilingual musical experience respects the traditions of the past while creating the sounds of the future.  With an abundance of funk and charisma in their exhilarating live shows, the band creates an experience that is diverse, dynamic and certainly not to be missed.

“For some artists and groups, the one descriptive word for their music can only be “Wow!” Such is the case with 3D Rhythm of Life.”   Ronald Jackson, Smooth Jazz Review

“3D Rhythm of Life is soulful, funky and tropical all at the same time. This is a group to keep your ears on…I was blown away!”  J.I.Starr – Mega 97.9 NY

“This delicious remake of the EWF signature hit ‘Fantasy’ is fantastically fun with a Latin flair that turns this classic into a classic all over again.”   United Press International

“3D Rhythm of Life’s “Fantasy” is a fusion of Tropical blends, Latin, Soul, R&B and Salsa, all wrapped up into an explosion of talent!”  Jackie Nunez – WALXNY.com