The Sweeney Family Band

The Sweeney Family Band – You’re in for good ole country, bluegrass and folk tunes that everyone loves when The Sweeney Family Band comes to town.  Maybe a few bricks shy of a load, but they shore know how to have a good time!  You might need to hide the Corn Squeezins from the most loveable, good natured bunch of backwoods country boys you’ve ever met but they’ll have you clappin’ your hands and stompin’ your feet .  Join Slim Sweeney and his identical twin cuzzins, Skeeter and Jayburd for some down home fun cuz it’s not just a show, it’s a whole family reunion when these boys, true musicians every one, hit the stage!  Take a little Hee Haw, a couple of pinches of The Grand Ole Opry, sprinkle in a little Andy Griffith, add some down home humor….and soon you’ll have a banquet of fun!  From touring the United States of America to regular performances at Disneyworld, Universal Studios and Sea World, this highly in demand crowd pleasing band is a must have on your stage.